Students will explore ways businesses can help solve local & global issues, such as climate change.

Welcome to the Global Issues Digital Workshop, we're excited to have you back! You can find everything you need for this workshop on this page.

There are 5 activities included in this workshop, plus the Learning Challenge.

Let's get creative, ask questions, and be bold!

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1. Video: Intro to Business & Global Issues

2. Big Questions Worksheet - Part 1

Before we dive in to learn all about that Triple Bottom Line - Profit, Planet, and People - we invite you to do some thinking on your own to explore what you already know. On your own, brainstorm some Global Issues which are important to you. Then, with a partner, think about how companies can help solve these issues.

To get inspired, you could check out what the companies Bombas Socks and Tentree are doing to give back to their community!

3. Video: People and the Planet

4. Video: Company Spotlight

5. Big Questions Worksheet - Part 2

Now that we have learned more about Profit, Planet, and People, have any of your opinions changed? Do you feel inspired to be a conscious consumer, and support businesses that are kind to People and the Planet? By yourself or in small groups, fill out this final reflection worksheet to record your thoughts and ideas.

(Visit this Google Slides for a quick refresher on the 3 Ps if you need to!)


Finally, apply your learning through the February Learning Challenge, where you'll take on the role of a social media influencer and activist. Submit your project to our Enspire team for the chance to win some awesome prizes!


Finally, apply your learning from throughout the entire program through your Enspire Day Learning Challenge. Present your project at Enspire Day for the chance to win some awesome prizes for your team!