Students will learn about money management for businesses and individuals, and learn how to develop a healthy relationship with saving and spending.

Welcome to the Financial Literacy workshop! You can find everything you need for this workshop on this page. There is no Live Session this month.

There are 7 activities included in this workshop, plus the Learning Challenge. Some of them you can do by yourself, and other will require you to work in small groups or have full-class discussions.

We challenge you to be open to new ideas, ask questions, and be bold!

For Google Drive users, to access your downloaded files:

Open an activity link and make a copy of the activity by going to File > Make a Copy. Then save it onto your own personal Google Drive.

For Microsoft App users, to access your downloaded files:

On desktop/computer: Go to your File Explorer > Downloads. On iPad, Go to your home screen > My Files > Recents

1. Video: Introduction to Financial Literacy

2. Video: Personal Finance

3. Activity: NEEDS vs WANTS

In this activity, practice classifying different items as either a need or a want. You might even consider some items to be both! You may choose to work individually or in small groups. After you finish classifying each item, discuss with friends:

1. What items did you place at the intersection of the Venn Diagram?

2. Discuss scenarios where the items you placed under the 'need' section can be turned into a 'want' (example: drinking water is a need but bottled water is a want).

3. As an individual, will you fulfill your needs first or your wants? Why?

4. Activity: Personal Finance

In this activity, practice building your budget based on real life expenses, needs, and wants. You'll have the chance to try out different decisions, and see what impact these decisions have on your financial health. Create a copy of the Budget Builder and Calculator Tool linked below, before trying it out!



5. Workshop 3 Video Session

6. Breakout Activity: Business Finance

Now that we have watched this month's asynchronous video on Financial Literacy, Personal Finance, and Business Finance, let's apply what you have learned in a breakout activity! This is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" activity to learn all about Business Finance and Opportunity Cost! You are the owner of a hair salon, Budget Cuts! It’s the end of the year, and you have some money leftover that you want to use to buy new equipment to improve your business for next year.

7. Learning Check Quiz

This quiz is a challenge to test how much YOU remember about Financial Literacy! It's just for your own learning, so don't worry if you don't know all the answers. You can check your score after you submit the quiz.

There are questions about Personal Finance, Business Finance, Opportunity Cost, the Time Value of Money, and Inflation.

Good luck, and have fun!


For this month's Learning Challenge, apply all that you have learned about finance and money with an exciting journey into VR!


For this month's Learning Challenge, apply all that you have learned about finance and money with an exciting journey into VR!